Conductive non-woven fabric 4770 

Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric for EMI shielding applications

Our Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric combines highly conductive metals with lightweight fabric to meet a diverse range of EMI/RFI shielding requirements.

Manufactured with our patented technology, this metallized fabric is available in various woven and non-woven substrate configurations. We use a patented technology for applying thin metal coatings of copper and/or nickel to woven and nonwoven fabrics. As a result these metallized materials have the flexibility conformability and breathability of a fabric with the electrical properties of a metal. This means low surface and through resistivity and excellent shielding effectiveness.

The Conductive non-woven fabric can be can be cut into any desired shape, on the basis of your supplied drawing. This material can also be provided with a conductive or non-conductive adhesive.


  • Protects against EMI/RFI and ESD where weatherability is not a concern;
  • architectural EMI/RFI shielding gaskets
  • Conductive tape for example for cable shielding
  • EMI shielding laminates for example for grounding
Conductive non-woven fabric is available in 0.19 and 0.30 mm thickness
Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric for EMI shielding applications
Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric for EMI shielding applications
Conductive non-woven texture
Conductive non-woven texture

Product specifications

Item Unit Specifications
(0.19 mm thick version)
(0.30 mm thick version)
Test standard
Max. width mm 1000 GB/T4667-1995
Thickness mm 0.19 ± 0.03 0.30 ± 0.05 FZ/T01003-1991
Weight gr/m2 85 ± 10 165 ± 20 GB/T4669-1995
Surface resistivity Ω / sq < 0.03 ASTM F390
Basis material   polyest  
Polyest content % 60 ± 5  
Copper content % 21 ± 3  
Nickel content % 19 ± 3  
Storage conditions   -20 °C - 40 °C, relative humidity < 65%
Fire point °C 250 °C, never self-ignite
Fire extinguisher   fire extinguisher, water, carbon
Waste handling   Non-toxic, tasteless, does not decompose

Notice: Some people develop skin allergy after long contact

Please note, 0.30 mm thick version is the standard stock version


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0.19 : 0.19 mm thick version
0.30 : 0.30 mm thick version
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3 : With conductive self adhesive
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