EMV abschirmdichtungen dichtungen

Verschiedene EMV-Abschirmdichtungen in allen Formen und Größen. Hergestellt aus den besten Materialien zur Abschirmung elektromagnetischer Signale.

Knitted mesh

1200 series Knitted wire mesh EMI/RFI shielding gasket is a Universal EMC gaskets to shield lower frequencies Highly ...spa,

Amucor shield

6800 series Economical HF gasket which can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions. It is very effective in combination ...spa,

Standard shield

7000 series Soft EMI/RFI shielding gasket for panels and screwed applicationsspa,

Miniature dichtung

1400 series This is a very small EMI / RFI shielding gasket, used for EMI / RFI shielding on for example PCB's, ...spa,

Clip-on gasket standard shapes

6500 series Easily mounted clip-on gaskets is composed of a separate sponge rubber water seal and an EMI-shielding side of ...spa,

Clip-on gasket full metal

6600 series Clip-on EMI gaskets heavy duty, specifically designed for heavy duty applicationsspa,

Clip-on gasket all shapes

6500 series This newly developed clip-on EMI/RFI shielding gasket programme is extremely easy to mount and provides a ...spa,


2000 series  spa,

Power supply gasket

7150 series  spa,

Ultra soft shield

7400 series Ultra-weiche EMI-Abschirmung Dichtung für Türen, Paneele und Deckeln. Sehr geringe Schließkraft, um ...spa,

Endless Gasket (EMC/IP)

8000 series Endless gaskets are suitable for many applications in which both an EMI shielding gasket and a water seal ...spa,

Frame gasket (EMC)

8100 series EMI shielding gasket for panels and screwed applications like displays, windows and honeycomb vents.spa,

V-shape Dichtung

8700 series V-shape EMI / RFI shielding gasket for doors. Extremely low closure forcespa,

Customized EMC gasket

8800 series Any size or shape you want! High deflection, low closure force gaskets and without tooling costs.spa,

U-shape EMV Dichtung

7600 series  spa,

Connector Abdichtungen

8200 series The 8200 series connector gaskets are EMI flange seals for electrical connectors, die-cut according to ...spa,