EMV- IP Dichtungen

As operating frequencies increase and devices become more complex, they may be more susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Because of this engineers today face increasing challenges. EMI shields are commonly implemented in a design to isolate one component or section of a device from another. To ensure a reliable and robust electrical seal, an EMI shielding gasket is often incorporated between the shield housing and the mating surface of the device. At Holland Shielding Systems BV, we make sure the EMI & EMI/IP gaskets where most demand for is, are always available from stock. Our EMI- & EMI/IP shielding and grounding gasket solutions meet a wide range of application needs and address the challenges designers face. Because of our extensive machinery we are able to produce any shape and type of gasket.

EMV abschirmdichtungen dichtungen

Verschiedene EMV-Abschirmdichtungen in allen Formen und Größen. Hergestellt aus den besten Materialien zur Abschirmung elektromagnetischer Signale.

EMV/IP Dichtung