Eine Absorberhalle (anechoic chamber) bietet Ihnen eine Superb Abschirmung Leistung

Holland Shielding Systems BV hat Erfahrung in allen Arten von EMV Absorberhallen und Ausführungen.

Unsere Anechoic Chambers sind konstruiert als abgeschirmte Räume. Alle über die Wände und der Decke, absorbierende Materialien und / oder Ferritkacheln sindbefestigt. Die Anechoic Chambers zeigen hervorragende Abschirmung Leistung und werden hauptsächlich in EM Emissionsprüfung nach ziviler und militärischer Standards angewendet.

The Anechoic Chambers are used to perform compliant radiated immunity tests in accordance to EMC-standards such as IEC / EN 61000-4-3.

They provide a full compliance immunity test site for the frequency range of 26Mhz to 18GHz. Also suitable for future free space emission test, PREN 50147-3.

We can also build open area test sites.

Emission Performance – 26MHz-18GHz
Immunity 26 MHz-18GHz

Key features
  • Fully compliant design to meet UKAS and FCC requirements
  • All dimension are possible
  • Emission performance of +/-4dB or better 30MHz-40GHz frequency range
  • Fully compliant for Immunity in accordance with EN61000.4.3
  • Ferrite and Hybrid Lining from 30MHz-40GHz measurements
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Flexible modular design enables you to make easy site changes or upgrades
Turnkey Systems
A complete system approach is available to fully facilitiate your laboratory and includes:
  • Electrical distribution
  • Turntables/Dynomometers
  • Masts
  • CCTV
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire detection and Surpression
  • Emission & Immunity Measurement Systems

Anechoic Chamber - Holland Shielding Systems B.V.

Anechoic Chamber - Holland Shielding Systems B.V.


DB Decibel
DBm Absolute Decibel milliwatt
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility
EMPP Electromagnetic Pulse Protection
GHz Gigahertz
KHz Kilohertz
MHz Megahertz
MIL – Std Military Standard
Mm Millimetre
RF Radio Frequency
S.E. Shielding Effectiveness
Sig.Gen. Signal Generator

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If you wish to receive a quote for an anechoic chamber send a drawing of the room in question. Do you have any drawing please contact us via email (info@hollandshielding.com) or our contact form to pass on all the specifications of the room.

It is important to indicate the purpose of the room or possibly the desired frequency range in which the room should work. Also indicate the size of the door to the room and the amount of power and ventilation needed in room.

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