4955 - 4965 series Cable connector shields

Easy connector shielding without replacing the whole connector.

These sleeves can create a more continue connection where cable shields are interrupted.

They can be mounted afterward and are very flexible not only in lengts and the bending but also in diameter.For extra strengths these can be clamped with cable clamps, tiewraps.

When you want the connection water tight you can cover these with shrinking sleeves.


  • In any size, diameter or length
  • The conical version available to create also bigger steps in diameter
  • Eventual with inside high flexible copper strips for higher currents

Standard sizes ∅

Diameter range Part number
Larger diameters on request
2-4 mm 4955-2
4-8 mm 4955-4
8-12 mm 4955-8
12-16 mm 4955-12
16-20 mm 4955-16
20- 24 mm 4955-20
24- 30 mm 4955-24
30- 40 mm 4955-30
40- 60 mm 4955-40

From diameters 16 mm the sleeves can be reinforced with 0.12 mm copper strips. These strips are sticked onthe inside of the sleeve , but at special order other connection parts available.

The elasticity of the diameter is about 1 : 2, please take care that the strips need some initial contact force. The best is to send the cable assembly to us so that we can check the right fitting or contact our technical staff.


These cable connector shields can be made in any desired length. You can specify the length at the end of the part number. For example, to have a quotation for Cable connector shields with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 50 mm you can specify the part number as follows: 4955-8-50

Technical details

Material Silver plated 76% Nylon 24% elastic fiber fabric
Stretch All directions
Silver coating 99.9% pure
Surface resistivity <0.5 Ohm/sq. (unstretched)
Shielding Effect 30- 60 dB in range 30 Mhz - 20 Ghz
Resistance <0.15 ohm /sq. (unstretched) between the shields based on optimal compression
Temperature range -30 to 90°C
Material thickness 0.40 mm
Stretch ~100%

4956 - Conical cable connector shields series

The Conical sleeves is for conecting the braiding of the shield to bigger diameters, like connectors, receipticals, tubes or housings. This shield taper to create an optimal shield between 2 different diameters.

Standard sizes ∅

Larger diameters on request
Begin diameter End diameter Part number
2-4 mm 8-12 mm 4956-2-8
4-8 mm 12-16 mm 4956-4-12
8-12 mm 16-18 mm 4956-8-16
12-16 mm 22-25 mm 4956-12-22
16-20 mm 25-30 mm 4956-16-25
20- 24 mm 28-32 mm 4956-20-28
24- 30 mm 35-40 mm 4956-24-35
30- 40 mm 50-55 mm 4956-30-50
40- 60 mm 70-75 mm 4956-40-70
4955 series Cable connector shield used to shield a plastic connector
4955 series Cable connector shield used to shield a plastic connector. The Cable connector shields is connected to the shield beneath the black plastic cable jacket with a 4703 Amucor tape.
4955 series Cable connector shield used to shield a microphone against EMI
4955 series Cable connector shield used to shield a microphone against EMI


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