EMI / RFI shielding gaskets with or without waterseal

EMI / RFI shielding gaskets for high-tech industries and applications around the world

From board-level shields and Fabric-over-Foam gaskets, to fingerstrips and die-cut gaskets according to your drawing. We have the right solution for your EMI /RFI challenge.

For each type of application, there is another suitable EMI shielding gasket. The proper gasket depends on many factors, such as:

  • Should the gasket not only ensure a good electrical conductivity but also for a good water seal?
  • Should the gasket be soft so that the lid or door where the gasket is used between does not bend?
  • What is the desired attenuation?


Aerospace, automotive electronics, computers, data communications, general electronics, medical equipment, military, network equipment, telecommunications – Holland Shielding Systems BV provides electromagnetic interference shielding to more high-tech industries in more places around the world than any other EMI specialist.

EMI/RFI gaskets without water seal

1200 series - Knitted wire mesh

Knitted wire mesh EMC gaskets

EMC gasket consisting of a core covered with knitted mesh made of Monel, tinplated copperweld, steel, aluminium or phosphor bronze.

1400 series - Miniature shield

Miniature EMI / RFI shielding gaskets

This H.F. gasket can be produced with a very small width, even smaller than its height.

2000 series - Fingerstrips

beryllium copper finger strips

For high performance applications available in beryllium copper or stainless steel. For EMP or NEMP applications.

5730 series - Electrically conductive felt

Electrically conductive felt

Thin and highly conductive. Less soft than electrically conductive foam. Can be CNC-cut easily into any desired 

5770 series - Electrically conductive foam

Electrically conductive foam

Soft, electrically conductive foam which can be easily CNC cut into any desired shape.

6600 series - Heavy duty clip-on gasket

Heavy duty clip-on gasket for EMI shielding applications

Ideal to use as EMI shielding, grounding and static discharge (ESD) or as alternative for finger strips or sticky fingers. For heavy duty applications.

6800 series - Amucor shielding gasket

Amucor shielding gasket | EMI shielding gasket

EMI shielding gasket for screwed applications, available in aluminium and zinc-plated steel.

7000 series - Standard shielding gasket

Standard shielding gasket

EMC-gaskets for panels and screwed applications.

7400 series - Ultra soft shield

Ultra soft shield

Ultra soft EMI/RFI shielding gaskets for doors and panels. Very low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels.

8100 series - Frame gaskets

8100 series Frame gaskets for EMI shielding

For panels and screwed applications like displays, windows and honeycomb vents etc.

8200 series - Connector gaskets

EMI shieding connector gaskets

EMI shielding and grounding of a wide range of connectors.

8700 series - V-Shape gaskets

V-shape EMI shielding gasket

For doors: gaskets with low closure force, to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels.

8800 series - Customized gaskets

Customized EMC EMI Gaskets

We can manufacture EMI shielding gaskets in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

EMI/RFI gaskets with water seal

5711 - 5722 - Oriented wire shield

Oriented wire shield

Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722 is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires embedded and bonded in solid or sponge silicone, or fluor silicone elastomer for oil-resistance.

5750-S series - Conductive rubber sheets

Conductive rubber sheets

Electrically conductive rubber sheets is a rubber filled with small conductive metall parts to make the rubber conductive. It can make an EMI-proof and a water pressure tight seal in narrow constructions.

5750-P series - Conductive rubber profiles

Conductive rubber profiles

Electrically conductive rubber profiles is a rubber filled with small conductive metall parts to make the rubber conductive. It can make an EMI-proof and a water pressure tight seal in narrow constructions.

6500 series - Clip-on shielding gasket

Clip-on EMI shielding gaskets

Clip-on EMI/RFI gaskets with water seal are very easy to mount. Separate sponge rubber water seal and an EMI/RFI-shielding side of highly conductive, wear-resistant metallized fabric for HF shielding.

7300 series - EMC/IP gaskets

EMC/IP gaskets

Water sealing EMI gaskets for screwed applications like panels, displays and windows, and is also a dust seal.

7500 series - L-shape gaskets

L shaped EMI shielding gasket

This L-shaped gasket is a good water sealing and an EMI sealing gasket.

7800 series - Ultra soft twin shield

Ultra Soft Twin Shield EMC/IP shielding gasket

Ultra soft EMI/RFI shielding gasket for doors, lids and panels. This EMI/RFI gaskets has a low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels and comes with water seal (EMI/RFI/IP gasket)

7900 series - O-profiles

Conductive O-Profiles for EMI shielding applications

Several types of O-profiles have been developed for different applications, each with their own benefits.

8000 series - Endless gasket

Endless Gaskets for EMI/IP shielding applications

Endless gaskets are suitable for many applications in which both an EMI shielding gasket and a water seal are required.

8300 series - Die cut gasket

Die-cut EMI / IP shielding gaskets

Die cut gasket. These electrically conductive gaskets can be cut into any desired shape according to your drawing.


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