All Holland Shielding Systems products are continuously checked during the manufacturing process. Therefore all our products can be considered quality products, free of manufacturing errors.

The technical data of our products are based on research and should only be regarded as a guideline for the different applications. Due to the wide range of products and the large variety of applications the technical data are never to be interpreted as a guarantee. It is the buyer’s responsibility to test whether the product meets the desired requirements.

In the event that, unexpectedly, defects should be found in our products, Holland Shielding Systems will investigate and replace these products as soon as possible. Holland Shielding Systems cannot be held responsible for any delays that might ensue.

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Product description: Garantie | Holland Shielding Systems BV


PU foam based flat absorbers


PU foam based Hybrid absorbers

PCB shielding - High volume production


Hochleistungs-Kabeleinführung Schild


Small Pin (For 1500 serie)

4700 series

Amucor Klebeband