5790 High performance EMI/RFI Absorber sheets

The high performance EMI absorber (Electro magnetic interference absorber) and noise suppression serie developed by Holland Shielding Systems B.v magnetic materials can eliminate noise effectively. You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching noise suppression sheets simply on the part of noise sources.

The high performance EMI absorber sheet serie is designed for applications where a high noise suppression is needed in a broad frequency range. Think of applications in the medical and military apparatus construction.


  • Perfect suppression effect of radiation noise from 0.5 until 10Ghz band.
  • High electrical resistance (1x109Ω)
  • Flexible and easy to handle/apply
  • Can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and thickness according to CAD drawing

EMI/RFI Absorber sheets

EMI/RFI Absorber sheets

EMI/RFI Absorber sheets


High performance absorber sheets

Class Partnumber
5790-100 5790-110 5790-120
Absorber   u'=100 at MHz u'=110 at MHz u'=120 at MHz
Adhesive   Thickness = 0.05mm
Release paper CP Paper 70 g/sq, Double Side PE, One side relese threated
Total Thickness 0.05˜1.0 ± 10% mm

Conductive adhesive resin composition

*The principal ingredient (Adhesive resin): Acrylic ester polyol copolymer


Item Spec. Partnumber
5790-100 5790-110 5790-120
Frequecy   10 MHz ˜ 10 GHz
Adhesive strength (gf/25mm)  Min. 1000 KS T 1028/SUS 304 Plate
Shore A 90 ± 5
Density g/cm3 3.8+/-0.1 3.9+/-0.1 4.0+/-0.1
Surface resistance Ω Min. 1.0 x 109
Service temperature (°C) -25 ˜ 90 KS T 1028/SUS 304 Plate
Standard size Sheet type: 210 mm x 300 mm

These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee.

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