EMV abgeschirmten Gehäuse für drahtlose Test & Forensik

Diese EMV Abgeschirmte Box hat bis 120dB Reduktion der HF-Signale bis zu 5 GHz. Dies macht die abgeschirmten Gehäuse ideal zum Testen von Mobiltelefonen, RFID-, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiMax, WLAN oder ähnliche drahtlose Geräte. Die Box kann in jeder Größe benötigt konstruiert werden.

The mobility makes the box well suited for forensics when the current state of an electronic device needs to be frozen by blocking all wireless contact with the outside world.


  • Digital forensics
  • Wireless testing
  • R&D
  • EMC Testing

The box can be equipped with shielded power filters for power connection in the box while still blocking all wireless signals. In addition the box can be equipped with any or all of the following options:


  • Shielded ventilation panels for heat transportation
  • Shielded window to maintain visual contact with the devices
  • Coaxial feed-throughs / Signal filters
  • Ethernet connection

Shielding performance (dB)
Shielded box shielding performance

RF shielded box closed

RF shielded box open

Mu-ferro HD shielded box for low frequency shielding

For shielding of low frequency magnetic fields, we build shielding boxes from our patented Mu-ferro HD (click for more information). These boxes for shielding low frequency magnetic fields can be made in any desired shape and according to your supplied drawings.

Shielding performance of 2 mm thick Mu-ferro-HD box

Mu-ferro HD | Magnetic shielding box according to customer drawing


EMV abgeschirmten Gehäuse für drahtlose Test & Forensik EMV abgeschirmten Gehäuse für drahtlose Test & Forensik Holland Shielding Systems B.V. Holland Shielding Systems B.V.
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All high performance shielded boxes are customizations. Specify below the desired dimensions and add the product to your quote cart to receive a quote. We will contact you to discuss further details such as filters and ventilation.

HP shielded box stands for High Performance shielded box
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Ready made sleeve


Doppelschicht-Ferrit-Absorber Kacheln


Conductive nickel coating


Fixed PCB shielding cans

PCB shielding - High volume production


Fixed series