Shielding for signal-jammer cars

A signal-jammer car have to be shielded to protect the people inside it from the powerful electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies that are emitted by the jammers on the car's roof.

Holland Shielding Systems BV specializes in electromagnetic shielding of signal jammer cars. These shields are available for any model and type of car.

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If you would like to request a quote for shielding signal-jammer cars, please send us the model and type of car and the number of cars concerned.

Easy to fit

Mounting the shield for signal-jammer cars is achieved easily, by means of suction cups to the windows. The shield we supply will be customized for your make and model car.

Easy to fit 1
Easy to apply 1
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Easy to apply 2

Example pictures

The pictures below give an impression of the view through the windows once the shield for signal-jammer cars has been mounted.

Example pictures 1
View through shielded windscreen 1
Example pictures 2
View through shielded windscreen 2
Example pictures 3
Outside windscreen
Example pictures 4
View through shielded windscreen 3
Example pictures 5
View through shielded windscreen 4
Example pictures 6
Outside windscreen 2
Example pictures 7
Outside windscreen 3
Example pictures 8
View through shielded windscreen 4
Example pictures 9
Inside of shielded side window

Please note: the top layer of the shielding foil can be affected by acids, for example from the skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top.

Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you require a product that is absolutely free from optical defects, feel free to contact us for the "superior selected quality". Please realize that due to the extreme caution needed to manufacture these products, they can be several times more expensive.

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