Endless Gasket 8000
Combined EMI / Water seal for grooves

The 8000 series endless gaskets are suitable for many applications in which both an EMI shielding gasket and a water seal are required. The 8000 series endless gaskets consists of a rectangular EMI gasket (Amucor-shield 6800 or Ultra Soft Shield 7400), combined with a closed-cell water seal. All gaskets can be provided with a self-adhesive strip for easy mounting. Gasket materials for the 8000 series endless gaskets are watertight at 30% compression, depending on the construction

Endless Gasket 8000
  • easy mounting
  • high shielding performance
  • no tools required
  • dimensions up to 2 x 2 m



  • UL94V-0 flame retardant foam core
  • chemical resistant rubbers like EPDM
  • silicone sponge for high temperatures up to 220°c
  • different conductive foils and fabrics



Application Endless Gasket 8000



Drawing Standards

Drawing Endless Gasket 8000

Ordering Information

When ordering 8000 series endless gaskets, specifications should include: gasket material, water seal material, dimensions, with or without self-adhesive and quantity


General documentation

To get a quotation for Endless Gasket (EMC/IP) within 24 hours fill in the form below.

Part number
Select an option:
8000 : Endless gasket Amucor version
8001 : Endless gasket Conductive textile version
8002 : Endless gasket Knitted wire mesh version
Material (EMI gasket core)
Select an option:
N : Neoprene
P : Low closure force PVC foam
F : Flame retardant UL94V-0 foam
S : Silicone foam
L : Polyurethane foam (ultra soft)
Material (waterseal)
Select an option:
N : Neoprene
S : Silicone
Select an option:
01 : Standard self-adhesive
02 : Without self-adhesive
03 : With conductive self-adhesive
* Note: The red blocks are required

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